President’s Letter

I would like to extend my gratitude to all of our current and future partners for allowing us to serve you. Here at Nationwide Skip Experts (NSE) we pride ourselves in professional and friendly customer service, diligent updates, security, integrity, quick turnarounds and a high resolution which optimizes results for our clients.

NSE has a large staff of highly experienced, multilingual skip tracers that allows us to handle our client/partners and debtors in a highly efficient and professional manner. Our goal is to make sure that you as a partner are satisfied with our service and results. We also pride ourselves on treating debtors with respect knowing that life changing events can cause unfortunate personal situations.

At NSE we don’t look at you as just our client, but rather our partner.  At NSE we are serious about COMPLIANCE. NSE is SOC II CERTIFIED.  Our team is highly trained in both skip tracing and all applicable laws and policies.  We strive, not only to help your business recover their assets, but to also protect your good name!

I know that you will be pleased that you chose Nationwide Skip Experts to help retain your outstanding debt so you can add it back to your bottom line. I am so confident in our ability that we will work your accounts on a 100% FULLY CONTINGENT basis! If we cannot resolve your account then you owe us nothing!  There is NO RISK to your company.  Compare us to your current vendors and find out what our clients already know.  NSE gets results!

Thank you for choosing Nationwide Skip Experts!




President, CEO