NSE helps victims of the tornado in Rowlett, TX

Dallas, TX — Nationwide Skip Experts (NSE) helps families as they attempt to recover post chaos and damage. While everyone in North Texas was winding down from their holiday festivities, mother nature had different plans. On December 26th, Dallas and it’s surrounding cities were hit by a series of tornadoes. These tornadoes were said to be some of the strongest, ranging between 165-200 miles per hour. The post Christmas Day tornadoes, ravaged through homes in the cities of Garland and Rowlett. Recently moving from their office in Rowlett, this issue really hit home for Nationwide Skip Experts. Also, seeing family and friends directly effected by the tornadoes, NSE could not sit idle. After James McKellum (President/CEO) saw first hand the damages of these tornadoes; as he stood in a dear friend’s demolished living room. He commissioned himself and NSE to take action. NSE donated $1,000 to families in need to help aid with their recovery. Rowlett and Garland police department have noted this tragedy as being one of the worst in the cities history. Fully aware that this issue will not disappear overnight, NSE intends on providing assistance to it’s community as much as possible. A very unfortunate way to enter 2016, but as always it allowed everyone to show what banding together and supporting one another can do for a community. If you would like to donate any items to the victims of the tornado please contact Nationwide Skip Experts about a drop off area in Rowlett or Garland. info@nationwideskipexperts.com 972-861-5525