Quality Control

We believe in providing our clients quality service at Nationwide Skip Experts (NSE). In 2011, the government created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Their primary responsibility is to regulate consumer protection with regards to financial products and services in the United States. CFPB has changed the game in terms of what you can do or say when it comes to dealing with consumers. The quality of service that we provide our clients, agents and client’s customers are our main goal here at NSE. To help achieve this goal NSE has implemented a “Quality Call Monitoring System” that is designed to minimize possible FDCPA violations. Implementation of this system has ensured that ASE is adhering to all applicable laws and that we are protecting our clients from possible lawsuits. To help in this process ASE is now registered and fully vetted with Vendor Transparency Solutions (VTS). https://vtscheck.com/

NSE is dedicated to servicing our clients at a high level in terms of dollars recovered and quality. We provide our clients with the service they expect and deserve!

Quality Control Manager

Nationwide Skip Experts